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The Newport Flower Convention

Newport advertisment. Design: Matisse Michalski

Six guests stay in town for a flower convention stay in a small hotel, where the interpersonal display of relationships is explored, with darkly farcical results.

Newport cast. Pictured (top row, l-r): Lauren Bigelow, Gunther Gullickson, Tom Myers. (bottom row, l-r): Laura Camarata, Ben MacKrell, Matt Waldron, Caitlin Corrigan. Photo Credit: Gunther Gullickson

Starring Laura Camarata, Matt Waldron, Caitlin Corrigan, Ben MacKrell, Lauren Bigelow, Gunther Gullickson and Tom Myers.

Written by Tim Paggi

Directed by Darl A. Packard

Performed: February 12 - 15, 2004; Mildred Dunnock Theater, Goucher College, Towson, Maryland.